Hey. My grandmother works in usa since we first moved there 20 years ago. She takes care of old people. At that time she was taking care of one 102 old man. He had birthday first week we’ve been there and we had the honor to attend his birthday party. I can’t believe I went to someones 102 birthday party! It was themed one – Black and white. He was such a lovely guy. Unfortunately last year he passed away.
We were supposed to stay at South River for our last week in America. But the place was not what we expected it to be. It was incredibly hot in there, no air conditioner, there were¬† dogs who kept peeing inside so it smelled pretty badly in there. There was just no room for us, our grandma and the 102 years old man and one supper annoying old lady. (she was literally the worst we couldn’t stand her at all ) So this trip was pretty bad for us. And we’ve only been there for 2 nights.
Luckily our family friends offered us stay at they place again so our last moments from summer in usa wasn’t that unpleasant. Here are very few photos I took in there:

I’m sure South river has some nice places to offer too but for us it will be the worst experience from best summer ever.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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