Hey. Our first stop in America was Highland Park, small town in NJ. This was the town I grew up in and we were staying in the same house. There is this hand print on the house wall i put there as a kid and it’s still there till this time. It felt so nostalgic to see it there after all those years. We spend the weekend there, did some shopping, saw local places and most importantly got rid of jet lag.
We went to this chinese restaurant me and my parents used to visit every sunday after church when I was younger and it was great to see all the places i loved as a child. We went to animal park to feed animals and took pictures. Our friends has this cute dog you can see on pictures below and we spend a lot of time playing with him. Our family friends kids are the same age as we were and they took us to their friends and taught us how to play beer pong. Such fun!
They took us to Empty sky memorial – Twin towers memorial in NJ. It looked incredible and we took may photos below. There was this incredible view of New York too.
After great first weekend we headed to Avon by the sea.
Our journey in Highland park was supposed to last just the first weekend but after we spend one day in our grandmas place in South river we decided to go to highland park for one last weekend as there were much better conditions for us. We spend another great times hanging our with our family friends.
We played Horrible jelly bean roulette, had some drinks, played beer pong and just overall had lovely time. Our friends then took us to airport again and we were ready to end out journey in america with many great new memories.
Photos from Highland park:

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Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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