Hey. Another cute item I got from Romwe is this Long sleeve black lace dress. The main reason why I choose them is turtle neck and bottom lace. It currently sells at just 15$ and you can shop it HERE. 
Shipping was smooth without any complication like usual.

Look exactly like the official product photo shows: (but the material is way too cheap)

I got myself size L as it’s my usual size and it fits me great. Make sure to check the measurements found on the product page with your real measurements:

Material is not what I was expecting though, it’s much thinner and tighter. Not good quality. But I still adore the lace and turtle neck. Deep black color with absolutely adorable lace all over the bottom of the skirt is just perfect and as I mentioned in my other reviews before roll necks are my favourite this season. Long sleeve but not as long skirt, I felt like backside could be longer ( but also I’m quite tall) so I think I’m gonna wear it with jeans and not just bare.
I was expecting them to be warmer and winter style like but my wishes weren’t fulfilled. It’s still good though, more like a longer shirt that would look good with some stylish jacket and not just as the main item.
Here are more photos:

Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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