Hey. Some time ago I was collaborating with banggood on the review program ( you can check detail on how our collab works in my banggood article). I could have chosen anything at all and I decided to get this very cheap whitening kit.
I ( and I’m sure you too) noticed many instgramers and bloggers share different kinds of whitening kits on their pages. It always looks so simple and easy to manipulate with so i thought why not try it myself.

This one caught my eyes because of its incredibly low price – right now it’s at time-limited price 5$ but when I ordered the kit it was at price around 8$. Usually cheapest means the lowest quality. I took the risk of losing my teeth and decided to review this cheap whitening kit for my followers (spoilers alert – my teeth are just fine)


I received my small package in 2 weeks time since ordering and it was in great shape – no complications whatsoever. Kit was packed in the silver parcel, easy to tear out. It was in a zip-up bag so I used it as storage after usage as well. I’ll be sharing related photos with you over the whole article.

The package contained of these items:


6 packages of whitening gel in “injection’” form. They are all plastic, very light, and fits good in hands. Even if you never held an injection in your hands you’ll know what to do.It had a protective plastic tip at the top, very easy to manipulate, contains lots of gel considering you need just a few drops for each use. I was a bit worried 6 packs won’t be enough but I’ve been using it for some time now and I’m just at injection number two.


Another item in the package was laser light. Nice blue color light with just one button so nothing to screw up there. It already contains 2 batteries. Warning: batteries have this thin foil between them and you need to remove it for them to work properly ( Or you’ll be disappointed like I was and thought that banggood send you broken light – just get rid of the foil) It’s very simple – you just press the only button for it to light up the nice blue color.:

3. Manual

Most important part of whitening. It’s written in English and even if English is not your first language (like me) it’s easy to understand it. If you won’t understand there’s always a photo manual as well. It had many more steps than I expected there to be. I thought it would be like all of the girl’s show – just put the gel on form and light it up. But Nah – here are the instructions.

4. Shade guide

One teeth shade guide. It’s simple to find your shade and then compare the results in the end. But don’t get your hopes high it won’t lighten your teeth on more than 3 shades tops.

5. Mouth trays

The last part of the package was 2 mouth trays. This was the part that shocked me the most. I expected them to be all set and ready to use right away. But I was mistaken and you have to work for it to get them ready for usage. I’m not sure if other brands require this adjustment too but I never saw anyone on the internet modifying their mouth trays. But as it’s not very attractive editing therefore I understand why everyone is cropping that part out. I won’t cut it out and it’s gonna be weird so here you go.

I got 2 trays – one for upper and one for lower teeth.

I followed the instructions precisely. The first thing I had to do was get 2 bowls or cups of hot and cold water. I choose 2 cups and filled one with boiling water and added ice to the other water cup. I put the upper tray into hot water first and left it there for a few seconds. Then I quickly put it into my mouth and sucked all the air out of it. It’s better if you gently pressed on your lips for your teeth to press their shape into plastic. I  left it on for a few seconds then took it off and put it quickly into cold water. This will maintain my teeth shape in form for a longer time. I repeated the same steps on the second tray:

It was gross.

It tasted like plastic and my saliva was everywhere. I was left with 2 trays with my teeth shaped in but this wasn’t the end. As you can see in the photos, the top part is way too big and it was covering my gums too, not just my teeth. So I took scissors and cut the additional part out. It was complicated as the plastic was hard to cut. But I managed it somehow and was left with final mouth trays that would fit my teeth perfectly.



I got my mouth trays ready. I got off the lit from injections and put small drops at each tooth shape reflected in a plastic tray. Then I put it in my mouth – make sure to put the top tray on top teeth and the bottom at the bottom. This is another difference from usual videos where they put a continuous line of gel over teeth and not just drops. This way you save a great amount of gel. You could cut out a plastic holder sticking out of your mouth but I found it easier to manipulate if I left it there.

Now it’s optional if you want to use the light or not. The whitening gel has an effect on its own but if you use the light it gets white quicker. But c’mon of course I wanted to use the light cuz it looks like great fun. Because of the holders, you can’t put it directly on both trays at once but you can put it on top and bottom individually. Sounds complicated I know but you can always cut out the holders. But even if you would the light is not that big to cover both top and bottom teeth at once. Try to shift the light regularly – you don’t want to have half of teeth another color than the rest.

The unattractive part you (luckily) can’t see is all of the salivation.

I wasn’t able to swallow or close my mouth so I got a napkin and keep whipping my saliva for solid 20 minutes. (20 minutes is recommended but timing is up to you) You can’t taste the gel while whitening but as soon as you remove the trays you’ll need to rinse your mouth with water to get rid of the taste. It’s not that bad taste – you can just feel the gel substance on your teeth.


Of course, I wasn’t expecting any miracle after my first use. I could see my teeth were a bit lighter shade,  but it disappeared as soon as I ate or drank something. I felt like it created white particles over my teeth and not whitened the whole teeth.

I kept using it but after like 5th use my teeth got very sensitive so I stopped using the kit for a while. I don’t know if it was because of the kit or other factors.
Anyway, I continued to use this kit but it still didn’t have any other effect than time-limited whitening. But what would you expect for 5$?


In conclusion

It was fun. I had a good time working on the trays and trying it on. It’s better to try it on your own so no one has to see you dripping saliva over yourself. It whitened my teeth for 2 shades lighter on the shade guide package contained. (for like 10 minutes) No miracle. There shouldn’t be such a fuss about it in my opinion. Maybe other brands are better. See for yourself.
It’s cheap, fun, not harmful, and does indeed whiten teeth just not that much. You can shop it at banggod.


Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

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