Hey. Another fashion stores I’ve worked with for over years are Cuteharajuku and Womenfashion. I’ve decided to publish them together as the owner is one person with more stores and what i do for them is all the same.


I wa contacted by store owner year ago on my tumblr messages. They were second fashion store to ever contact me with opportunity to collaborate. Since I already had one store i was working with i was in doubts if i should take more. After a while i decided i could time manage it as well. I said yes and send them my email address. Further communication occurred there.
They asked me to design my discount code. I didn’t know waht that ment but they were so kind and patient with me and explained how it worked. I was supposed to choose a word my followers would put into discount colon in check up of their purchase. As my blog name was renegade-is-in-my-blood I’ve chosen my code to be “renegade”. They set it up for me and I could start posting.

What do I do ?

I search both of the stores for my favourite, worth sharing pieces, download their photos, upload them to my tumblr and add link where my followers could buy them. important part is to add my discount code “renegade” that my followers can use and  get 10 % off their order.

What do I get from it?

I get 10% off each sale to my paypal account. It’s totally legit and safe. Also when I hit 5 sales i get to choose free item from their store to review on my blog.

If any of my followers click on the link in description, it would lead them directly to product page and they could purchase it with discount.

How can you join?

They have open applications at most of the time. Open the page (cuteharajuku for example) and scroll all the way down.

Open the link and all the detail information are listed there. Their requirements are better than most others as they require you have at least 3000 followers on you social media account. If you struggle with that amount check out my article about how to prosper your tumblr blog. Don’t hesitate to write them an email. They are so sweet and helpful. It’s very easy to work with them.

In conclusion:

Main reason why I accepted this collaboration was the product themselves. Their product photos are very stylishly shot. It looks great on my blog.
If you’re into harajuku style like I am, promoting one would be simple. Good luck
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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