Hey. Most recent addition to my list is this store called Bellatrixonline. They sell out great gothic, punk rock style clothes. I always loved that kind of style so decision if I want to work with them was very simple.


I was contacted by the store on my tumblr chat. We discussed further detail there and not on email as usual. As this was not my first store, I had both discount code and rules figured out already, so in just few messages we made a deal. (seriously my quickest negotiation ever) I chosen my discount code to be “renegade” , as this is the discount code my followers could use in different other stores I collaborate with. It’s easier to have jut one code than many different words.

What do I do?

I search their store for my favourite items to share with my followers, download the photos and upload them to my tumblr blog. I add a short description with link of the product, then I add my discount code. If any of my followers would put “renegade” into discount code colon in check up of their order, they would get 10% their whole order.
I will get 10% off the price from each purchase with my code “renegade” send to my paypal.
Another bonus for me is, that after each 10 sales I would get to choose 1 item for free from their store for review.
They email me every mont at 1st about my commission for previous mont.

If my followers would click the link in description of the post, it would lead them directly to product page and purchase would be much easier and they would get discount as a bonus.
+ Shipping worldwide and for free!

How can you join?

As i mentioned i was contacted by the store and they don’t have any direct page on their store explaining blogger program but I’m sure if you message them on their tumblr bellatrix-online or their instagram account @bellatrixonline  or write email at [email protected] – they would welcome new affiliates.
Their products look amazing and I can’t wait till my first 10 sales to get some item from them for review. Communication was plain and simple. Gothic style rules. Good luck
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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