Hey. I’ve been on Instagram for a long time now so let me share with you my observations on how things work on there. I’m no professional so please don’t take this article as a manual on how to become Instagram famous just as a tip and tricks that could help you reach your goal.

I assume that you already have an Instagram account so I’ll skip the part about signing up and basic introduction. Here are my tips and tricks on how to become Instagram famous:


It doesn’t matter if you have millions of followers if you post crappy photos it won’t really matter. You will lose them.

I would define crappy photos as low-quality photos – small size, blurry (well this could be optional if it fits your aesthetics then go for it) with bad angles, bad lighting, controversial subjects.

It’s better if you choose your theme.

Who you want to be? Food Instagrammer? Landscape or nature? Fashion model? Traveler? Fitness?

Choose something people will remember you by – your thing.

Let me demonstrate on this example of my favorite Instagram accounts:

  • the guy who throws food in the air” or @ehgg


  • the traveler guy ” or @sam_kolder


  • travel guru” or @crazysexyfuntraveler


  • Beautiful makeup girl” or @begum_sham


  • the girl with the cutest kid ever” or @thejdukova


  • “the guy with amazing landscape photos” or @hajnik.jakub


  • Vegan hipster influential girl” or @ellagracedenton


  • funny girl” or @celestebarber


What all of these guys have in common is not the number of followers, but the quality of their content.

(seriously go check them out they are my favorites)

Of course, the theme of your Instagram is totally optional so don’t take it, as a rule, you need to follow to make it on Instagram. Make sure you post what defines you and what you truly enjoy sharing with your audience. Your audience will grow because of your passion.

Just don’t make becoming Instagram famous your main goal.

2. photo editing

If you choose a photo you want to share, usually, the next step is to edit it or add effects.

There are many photo editors online you can use, or get some apps, but you can just use the Instagram editor, as it’s very simple and has all the most important tools.

Picking the right effect is usually the longest part of uploading a photo:


A great tool in my opinion is lux (the half sun at the top) :


I also like to play with shadows:

I don’t use Instagram editing for my photos anymore. Recently I got this great app called VSCO and I do all my photo editing there. You can get it in the app store – it’s free (or you can buy the full version, but I think the free options are just enough.)

VSCO offers great photo effects much different than Instagram ones:
Here are my favorite tools I use in every editing:

From there on I simply upload my photo to Instagram.

If you want to take your editing level to an even higher category I would recommend downloading pressco app. I shared my press app review in a separate article. Check that out and feel free to use my premium code for free.

3. what you probably didn’t know about instagram

Maybe you noticed that sometimes you can’t see your photo or your friend’s new photo on your dash right away when it’s uploaded but only later on in a few hours or days maybe.

This is because of new updates on Instagram that basically means this:

When you upload a new photo Instagram will only show it to 10% of your Instagram followers.

Depending on how good is your audience’s response in the first crucial moments of its existence, Instagram decides if they are gonna show it to the rest of your followers too.

So if your post would get a lot of likes and comments in the first minutes after posting, then your post will be shown to the rest of the world and your likes amount will only grow further.

But if the first response won’t be good enough, Instagram won’t show it to the rest of your followers. As it won’t be worth sharing.
That’s why you can see celebrities photos on your dash all the time but photos of your neighbor’s dog the next day after uploading. Because they are already Instagram famous.

Celebrities get an immediate response on their posts and so they are worth keeping on everyone’s dash, but the rest of us need to work for it.

How to fix this?

Ensure immediate response.


If you have a group of friends, ask them to like your post right away after you upload it or – do what I’m about to share with you in the next segment.

4. Tags 

Magic of the tags. There are a few crucial hashtags that will ensure you a steady income of likes and followers. My favorite and most used is #like4like

Give people what they want and they usually give it back.

Give likes to receive likes.

How do I do it?
I search #like4like tag, then I switch to the newest posts (most of them were uploaded 1 second to 2 minutes ago).

That way it’s 99% possible that the user you liked is still online and would see immediately that you liked their post and could most likely like back right away.

When you upload a new photo, go to #like4like tag immediately and start liking everything. Of course, you could be selective in what you like but for me personally, it doesn’t really matter what I like. I do it automatically. Usually, I skip the post if I catch something disturbing, but most of the time I like a photo without it even uploading.

Be careful because there is a like limit! I’m not really sure, how many posts you can like but I assume it is around 170 posts an hour. I do 2 full scrolls down of #like4like tag.

Also, you can’t be liking too quickly.

Take your time – like 15 posts and check some insta stories, then continue with liking.

If you overstep and like too much, Instagram will ban you for 24 hours and in that time you can’t like anything, just stalk people.

After you’re out of post limit block you will have a smaller amount limit so take it easy for the next 24 hours as well. Otherwise, you will get banned for just like 5 likes in a row.

You have no idea how many days I’ve to spend banned until I have learned my lesson and found a loophole in these rules.

Instagram will ban you for misuse of the like button or something like that. I don’t remember it correctly but there will be a huge banner explaining your misstep every time you will try to like something – luckily I wasn’t banned in a long time now.
So every hour I try to like 150+ posts. Of course, not all of the 150 likes get back.

From 100 posts I like, maybe just 30 likes will return to me.

But every person who I liked will get a notification with my account so I’m getting myself out there and being seen by a larger audience. Many of them will check you out and if they enjoy your content, most of them will follow you.

So from 150 posts I like, I will get back 30 likes and 15 new followers, just from #like4like every hour.

I’ve been doing this for a long time now and let me share my profile with you:


I’m currently on 27,3K followers and the amount keeps growing steadily but you must be prepared for unfollowers too. Many people would follow you in the hope you will follow them back and they could grow their followers amount that way.

This brings me to another tag that will help you grow your followers amount #follow4follow (obvs). Basically, you’ll follow a bunch of accounts and they might or might not follow you back.

Then you will unfollow them all and start over again.

Of course, there are some rules and restrictions here as well. I tried this on my second account just so I could learn how does it work and found that the rules are the same as in likes.

You can follow around 150+/- accounts at once every hour without being blocked. An additional rule is that you can’t follow more than 7200 (+/-) accounts. Honestly, I can’t figure out the max amount because sometimes it blocks me when I hit 7000 and sometimes I can go till 7300 without being banned. If you hit your limit you’ll need to unfollow them (I think it’s like 200 unfollows every hour) and start to follow for follow again.

I’ve tried this on my second account because I don’t want to follow just anyone on my official account as I want my dashboard to consist of just things I really like.

But on my second account, I’ve been doing this for something around a year and I currently have 1000 followers there too.
There are many other tags that will bring you the response you’re hoping for. You can find them in similar suggestions in #like4like or #follow4follow tags.

5. profile

It’s better if you switch from your personal account to a firm account.

It brings out many benefits such as you can see impressions on your insta stories (not just who checked your story but how many times they checked it). You could add links to your insta story and see how many times it was opened. Additionally, you will get statistical informations about your profile such as how many followers you got recently, how many visitors your profile got, how many people clicked the link in your bio or clicked on your email address.

You will also see a statistic of your followers, their gender, from what country or what age are they.

Here my statistics (but in Slovak):

You can also buy promotions for your posts in form of ads you sometimes see on your dash. Price differs from 2-xx euros, depending on how many days you want the promotion to last, or what is your main goal to get from the promotion.

I’ve never tried this but here is how it could look like:

Another important feature on your profile should be your BIO information.

It should contain basic info about you, but again, this is completely up to you. Mine contains a quote that describes me perfectly “In her heart and mind she traveled the universe” aka “hopeless dreamer with no money to travel as much as she would like to.”

Then I have 2 flags with the country I’m from (Slovakia) and the country I currently study and spend most of my time in (Czech Republic).

I added this feature as I was receiving a bunch of questions asking, where I’m from, so I decided to answer everyone at once. Next, I share my Snapchat account there and link to this blog. I edited my profile so people could message on my email directly.

This brings much spam to my email, but also potential collaborations.

If someone clicks on your account the first thing they are gonna see is your profile and the first 3-6 photos.

Make sure they are worth seeing and they would convince random users to stay on your page to scroll for more amazing photos.

I try not to post 3 similar photos (like selfies for example) in a row, because it looks odd.

Therefore I try to alternate them with different phototypes. My feed: (I try to color coordinate them)


6. Buying?

Another way of getting famous is to buy your popularity.

If you search for “buying followers for Instagram” you’ll get many pages that offer such a transaction.

Personally, I have never tried this one for my Instagram but I did once buy followers for my Tumblr account, and let me tell you how that went.

I bought 100 followers for 5$, paid through PayPal – everything was legit and safe.

Honestly, I got 100 extra followers but it didn’t affect my traffic results for fashion websites I’m collaborating with, it didn’t increase my reblogs or likes. It was just an additional number. If you’re looking for just numbers of followers and not active followers, you can just simply buy them.

It’s much quicker than promoting yourself through tags as I do.

7. Activity

Remind people of why they followed you in the first place but don’t spam them too much.

If you’re never on their dash, they could forget about you and when they’ll be “cleaning” their following list, they could easily delete you.

Be active = post at least once a week and like other photos.

Comment on other photos – just a simple emoji or heart would be enough.

Now every follower who will stumble across that post you commented on will always see your comment there and if you have a good profile picture or catchy nickname that will attract followers, you earned yourself few extra visitors and potential followers.

8. Stories

Instagram story is a great tool for getting yourself out there without the commitment of an official post.

Again, not every one of your followers will get to see your story. It simply won’t show up in their top stories feed.

How do stories work?

In your tops, you’ll only see recently newly followed accounts (if you follow someone new and immediately refresh your dash, their stories will be the first one for you to see,) and account stories you usually watch. If some of your friends post a new story and you always watch their stories, their story will get ahead of any other stories posted at the same time.

How to fix it?

Post some story every day – that way your icon will keep popping up at your follower’s dash and who knows, maybe after they watch all of their regulars they will get to your story eventually.

And since they already checked it before, you’re now one step ahead in their stories list so there’s a higher chance of them seeing your account again.

You could easily attract a bigger audience to your story by adding location. That way if someone would be checking that location tag, they will get to see your story as well and from there it is just one click to your profile.

Hashtags work the same way.

Post a story in a time when your followers are most active.

From years of observing I’ve learned that mine is most active in evening time from 5 pm till 10 pm. At this time I have a higher chance of getting seen by a broader audience.

I used VSCO to edit my story photos too but since the last update, Instagram offers a great variety of story filters too.
You could earn some new followers or likes by simply watching other stories too.

Many people check who saw their story, so if they see someone new there, it is very likely they would visit that person’s page.

And who knows, if they like your content they might give you a follow and help you become Instagram famous.


If you have any other social media like Tumblr or Twitter with a bunch of followers to share your Instagram account with, you might get many new Instagram followers.

I tend to post my photos from Instagram on my Tumblr account with my Instagram name as well. People can see what I post on Instagram and follow me if they like it.

in conclusion

I hope my observation skills are to be helpful. Please don’t expect thousands of new followers in just one day.

It takes time, patience, and hard work to become Instagram famous. Good luck

Let me know if there are any more tips you use to prosper your Instagram account.
Thank you for your time
xo Natalia


  1. January 19, 2018 / 5:19 pm

    Thanks so much for the tips and for including my IG too 🙂 I also don’t post similar photos next to each other. It looks better if you vary them 🙂

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    “When you upload a new photo instagram will only show it to 10% of your instagram followers. Depending on how good is your audiences response in first crucial moments of its existence, instagram decides if they are gonna show it to the rest of your followers, too”
    Thanks to Natalia for this valuable info!

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