Hey. Another site I’ve been collaborating with for some time now is banggood. I got contacted by banggood workers on Tumblr messages, gave them my email address, and further on we communicated through emails. This store differs from most of the fashion stores I’m collaborating with within a variety of their products.

They sell fashion clothes as well but as I have enough of those from different sites I enjoy banggood for its other categories such as beauty and makeup, jewelry, home and garden, or toys. ( that’s why I don’t like to can banggod just fashion site) We’ve been collaborating on both fashion blogger and affiliate programs.

What do i do?

I search banggood for nice items to share with my followers. I download the photos and add them to my tumblr blog with a short description of where my followers could purchase each product. I add a link to that product with my specific track code. Banggood uses this tracking code to see how much traffic or sales did I bring to the store. Commission differs by many factors – depending on what level of affiliate you are, if the customer you brought is new or has purchased from banggoood before, and from which categories they purchased. Here is a chart of how it works:
And other picture describing how exactly affiliate program works:
wuu After purchase, I receive affiliate points which I can then convert to real money and send them to my PayPal account. For example, if I earn 1000 points I can get 10$. 100 affiliate points= 1$
Here is how my posts look like:
If any of my followers click the “s h o p HERE” link underneath the post it would lead them directly to the product page where they can buy it and I’ll get a commission from their purchase.


I mentioned that I also work on the fashion blogger program. It means that once in a while bangoood would offer me some amount of money to spend on their store and buy something from categories they offer to me. (I can’t shop from electronics as I never post stuff from electronic categories). As I get free clothes from other stores I love that I can get other stuff from banggood. I got pillows, toys, beauty products such as dark circles masks or teeth whitening, makeup, and many other stuff.

All I have to do is choose products and send them to banggood with my shipping address and they take care of everything else. I wrote a review on my Tumblr of each item I got from them. You can check them in HERE. :


Banggood has an incredibly large variety of stuff. I never really got to check it out all, they update it daily. Whatever you look for you can find it there. I was always highly satisfied with the time of delivery (2-3 weeks) package (usually comes in great shape only once I got a bit squished package but it didn’t affect the product inside) and product quality.

Only once I received a wristwatch that was too big for me but in the amount of stuff I got from them, it’s really nothing. I got jelly flower lipstick that was once very popular on the internet or artworks socks that are still my favorite. Many of the stuff I got from them i use daily.


Banggoods products are cheap. Seriously they have the best prices from most of the stores I got to see. And quality is good too (judging from what I got from them) Even when they have such low prices they still offer many seasonal sales, discounts, or flash deals. You could save so much money shopping with banggood.
Another great thing is that you can preorder stuff. That means that even if the product is not available at the moment, when it restock you’ll be the first one to receive it.
And did I mention tons of categories they offer? It’s so easy to shop there.
They also have their own blog about their products and you can learn more about them in HERE

Give aways and communication:

Communicating with banggood workers is so easy. They are the sweetest and most helpful people ever. They always provides me with ideas of what to post, the most popular things that sell well on their store, what my followers clicked the most and many other advises on how to prosper my site. I am endlessly grateful for such sweet and professional attitude as banggood workers provide for me. They make working online so easy for me.

Once in a while, they would provide me with a bunch of free items for my followers to share in a giveaway. They usually offers 5-6 items so my followers could choose which they like the most. Usual rules for joining is to check out banggood, reblog the post and join with product link what they would want to win into rafflecopter so the winner would be chosen fairly

How can you join?

Open banggood page and scroll all the way down until you see partnership programs section that looks like this:
Fashion blogger program: 

If you’re looking for free items of your choice this program is for you. Requirements for this program are that your tumblr or any other social media account has at least 5000 followers. If you don’tt have that much yet you should check out my article about my blogging beginnings and tip on how to prosper your blog.

If you do have that many followers and you’re willing to take pictures of the products you’ll receive for free and write short review about it then all you have to is join:
You have nothing to worry about. Banggood workers are very helpfull.
Affiliate program:
If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money this one is for you. I briefly mentioned how the whole affiliate program works above but at banggood site you’ll get much more information about how it works and how can you join so check it out.
Review club:
If you buy something from banggood and share the short review on their page you will get some extra points you can then convert to discounts or money. You’re earning with shopping.

In conclusion:

Banggood provides different kinds of products so it’s not only for fashion bloggers. It’s easy to join and as their stuff is great it basically sells itself. Go for it. Good luck.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia


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