The fashion website I’ve been working with for years now as well is Newchic. Over the years I’ve changed programs and now I’m gonna tell you about them all and many other bonuses that collaborating or just shopping with newchic brings to you. Newchic is the main source of my income each month.


I was contacted on my Tumblr messages by a lady from newchic staff (a few years ago but I don’t remember exactly). I gave her my email address and we discussed further details on there. My first program with them was a bit different than the usual ones I’ve talked about in my previous articles.

I was supposed to post their products on my blog with a specific track code so NC would be able to see how many traffic and sales I bring to the store. Nothing unusual.

But- I had to make just 3 posts a day each for 1$. This meaning I got paid 1$ each day for simple blogging. At the end of the month, I had to send them all of the links I posted for them over the month through email. How I was managing this was that after every post I posted I copied the link directly after sharing and pasted it into a word document with all of the other links. I was sure that at the end of the month with my posting rate there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to search for every post. I would send them all the links and nc would check them if they’re all ok and send me money to my Paypal account. I earned pretty great money back then.
But after few months nc decided to switch programs for me and I got a new track code and when I longed to newchic page under my email I could track all sales and commission I would get from it myself. This wasn’t as profitable for me as the first program but it was still better than nothing.
Now I’m working on both traffic and commission programs. Nc track my traffic for me and after a month they message me with how much traffic and sales I made that month and pay me my earnings to my PayPal. They always pay in one or two days since pay-day. If my pay-day is a weekend or holiday I usually message them before the due day and they send me my results sooner.

What i do for Newchic?

I’m posting collages of their product I think my followers would appreciate with link where to shop them and what discount code they could use to save some money. This is how it looks like:
If my followers click on that “get your own moon” link it would lead them directly to newchic shop to that product. If they make order in 60 days from checking site i’ll get commission from that purchase + that click is already counted in my traffic number.

Free clothes

I was working on a fashion blogger program once too- I got 30$ to spend on newchic clothes and then write reviews for each item I purchased. You can search for the reviews HERE.
Their products are of great quality, my favorite cardigan is from newchic. I appreciate that they have many sizes and plus sizes category with a pretty great selection. Plus their prices are incredible!
They don’t only have clothes in their store, I love their beauty category with tons of makeups or accessories category. The home category is also great and full of many useful and cheap items.
It’s store not only for girls- their men’s section is quite rich in products.
Searching for perfect items is very easy since you can filter basically anything. Each section is divided into many categories so shopping at newchic is very simple.


I was the one who got contacted by newchic company through my Tumblr. now we communicate through emails. Newchic staff is one of the nicest people ever- they are so sweet to me, always helpful and patient to explain new promotions or programs to me. I get immediate answers from them when I’m asking about something.

Discount benefits

Working with newchic is not only good for me but for my followers as well. occasionally newchic lets me host a giveaway. They would provide money coupon for one of my followers who enters my giveaway to spend on newchic store. Check my giveaways HERE
Newchic shares tons of sales, flash deals, or discount coupons.
The current coupon you could use to get 15% off your order is “Joanna15″.
If you’re a new customer you’ll get 15 % off anyway.
They always have some time-limited sales so make sure you check their website once in a while so you can save so much money.

How can you join?

Open Newchic page. Scroll all the way down until you see this:
The cooperation section is full of programs for starting your own fashion blog.

Blogger program:

Requirement s that you need to have at least 5000 followers on your Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media you would like to use as your main fashion site.
What you’ll do is you will get free clothes from newchic and you’ll need to take photos in those clothes and write your reviews of them.
If that’s not what you want to do here are some other programs:

Affiliate program:

You’ll get a certain percentage commission (from 10-16%) depending on what membership level you are. You will promote newchic products and if someone make purchase you’ll get money.
Here is a great summary of how affiliate programs work:
You’ll need to sign up for one of the affiliate networks that are listed at newchic page

VIP program:

If you’re more interested in getting clothes as cheap as possible this program is for you. The more you shop the bigger discount you get.

Dropship and Wholesale programs:

This is a more advanced program if you’re interested in selling clothes directly. You would be the distributor of the items and not just the promoter.

Learn more about them on nc page.


Newchic is a great fashion store for fashion bloggers beginners. Rules are simple and income sure.
If you’re interested in one of the programs my advice is to just go for it. If you’re not so sure how to start check out my article about my beginnings. Don’t worry nc workers are lovely if you have any questions about your potential collaboration feel free to ask them anything they are honestly very helpful.
Good luck
Than you for your attention
xo Natalia



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