As a fashion blogger, I got to know many fashion sites. But Beautifulhalo here was my first one.
It was in my dan and Phil blog times when I was contacted by a lady from bh on my Tumblr messages explaining how would collaboration work and asking me for my email address. As I explained in my blogging beginnings article I refused this offer at first. I was too scared to start something so new and out of my blog style so I rather declined.

Luckily a few months later I was contacted again and this time I told myself “whatever” and just went for it.
What followed was emails and emails of explaining and questioning. I must say bh workers are sooo lovely, they answered whatever question I had and as it was completely new to me it was a lot that was on my mind. Bh even send me the photographic manual of what to do, where to put where, and what button meant what.
I’ll try to explain what I do in form of questions and answers.

What do I do?

I put beautifulhalo products on my Tumblr blog with a specific link. I edit the link so it contains a direct link to that product I’m sharing + my track code. Bh can track all of the traffic or sales customers made through that track code and send me my reward.

What products?

Clothes, accessories, shoes – whatever I like and think my followers would like too.

How do I do it?

I simply download the product photo. Upload it on my tumblr with a short message like “get here” or “from here” “shop here” and add a link.
I simply copy the product link and put it in the colon shown on a picture and it generates my link automatically.
Bez názvu
I copy the result and put it on my blog.

How does the posts look like?

Like this:

this is the one I made before Christmas as the theme was appropriate to the season. I picked my favorite Christmas sweatshirts from bh and put it into my post. Now when my followers click where ever -xx- on there it would open the new tab with a Christmas jumper like this:

How does the affiliate program work?

So far I worked with them on 2 different programs.
The first one was traffic system – traffic meaning clicks, or how many people was I able to bring to bh page. It didn’t matter if they bought anything only if they visited the site.
Depending on how much traffic I got each month I got my reward. I could have chosen if I wanted store credit which I could use in beautifulhalo store or they would send me money to my Paypal account.
Firstly I was working on a credit system. If I managed to get monthly traffic of over 200 people I got 20$ store credit or 15$ cash to my PayPal.
I’m being 100% honest it really worked and I earned pretty great money and got many clothes, but as this was at my beginnings over 2-3 years ago all of the clothes I got at that time are too small for me now to show you.
Here I’m sharing my payments:
after a while, I changed from store credit to sending earnings to my PayPal account.

How much traffic did I get?

In the beginning, I was very satisfied if I got 200 people, but as long I worked and as more I shared my traffic kept getting higher and so did my earnings. Let’s say after a few months I managed to get 800-1000 traffic per month.

How much did I earn?

It depended on the time of the year, for example, Christmas time was very productive as many of my followers were doing Christmas shopping online I managed to get quite high traffic. I was paid monthly every month at 6 of the month. The highest amount of money I got per month was 80$.

How do I get paid?

In American dollars. Bh sends me my results on my PayPal account regularly.

How much time do I spend doing posts?

Usually, I take a few hours per week to make like 20 posts at once but I don’t share them at once. I save them in my Tumblr drafts and post them sometime over weak through my phone and Tumblr app. That way I can show my followers new clothes gradually.

How much do I post?

This is completely up to me. The more I post the more I earn.

How does bh know what I post?

I’m tagging each post I make for them with a specific tag they told me to use and it’s #irene. That way they can see all the posts I made with this tag.

How can you join?

I’m glad you asked. Even though I was contacted by bh directly, I found some links where you can join. Here I a photo:
Just go to the main page of bh I shared so many times over this article, scroll down a bit and there you can see 2 buttons one with affiliate program and second blogger program. If you open each of them you will see a description of how to join and what are the requirements. You will need a website to join. I can’t find other requirements so probably there aren’t any but many fashion sites require at least 5000 followers on your Tumblr. If you want to get more followers and generally prosper your blog check out the article I made about this topic.

How do I feel about it?

I like working with bh. It was my first so they will always have a special place in my heart. They made great expression and encouraged me to work with many others like them. They act very professional but also very human and I feel like I’m talking to a friend or older sister when I ask them for advice or any other question. They answer emails in a very short time, they are always polite and so patient you wouldn’t believe how much time they spend explaining things to me. They are very flexible to work with. They send me popular items on their site from time to time for me to share and to get better results. They have a great variety of clothes. I must admit I haven’t checked all of it yet cuz it’s just so much but they have them divided into separate categories so even if you are looking for a blue long-sleeve top with V-neck all under 15$ you can filter your search to get exactly what you want.
Bez názvum
They ship everywhere, you can check the list and price for shipping at the bottom of the page in the shipping category. But great thing is that shipping is free on orders over just 29$
Bez názvumm
From my experience their clothes are of good quality and measurements are also precise (but I gained weight not their fault 🙂 )
You can read about the company in their Site info category “about beutifulhalo”

What else is there for me to say?

See for yourselves. Check the store, search for their items, contact them if you’re interested in collaborating with them and just go for it. I’m happy I did.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia



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