Thank you for stumbling across my blog whether it was through my Tumblr or Instagram (most likely) or by any other means (which i would love to hear about).

Being tumblr blogger for over 4 years now was a blessing and greatest experience as i managed to broaden my audience to thousands of beautiful followers . At that time i was given unique opportunity to collaborate with many well known fashion sites and stores what allowed me to experience blogging on different level. Earning money through my free time was a dream come true and I’m sure this is not just my ideal job and I’m willing to share my experiences with all of you who are interested in my babble.

For those of you who don’t know my tumblr here it is: renegade-is-in-my-bloodBy taking look on my tumblr blog you’ll get basic idea about my interests and weird sense of humor. You can see section “reviews” on my tumblr where i shared my looks and talked about it for a bit- but to be fair i feel like i was half assing the whole thing and being ungrateful so here on this blog i’m gonna share detailed reviews of clothes i received over the years. Bare with me it’s a lot.
If you clicked here through my instagram Nat7x you  know all about my love for traveling and fashion. You seemed to enjoy my content as i grew thousands wide audience on my instagram too.
But both Tumblr and Instagram are more visual and i came to realize i have a lot to say. So here I am at wordpress with combination of renegade (tumblr) and 7x (Instagram) to share with you my thoughts.


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