First things first, we all imagined 2020 way differently. I’m no exception as I had grand travel plans for 2020 that’s most likely not gonna happen, or at least not to the extent of my wishes. All I can do now is daydream about the places I won’t go to this year.

This is the year I paid off my debt and worked enough extra side jobs to save some decent money to make my dreams come true.

I learned that traveling on my own is awesome thanks to my Natalias first solo travel trip and the benefits of it. The lack of travel buddies has always stopped me from traveling more. Now as we all grew older and met new people I realized, I might not need to travel alone anymore.

But you know how it goes: if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.

That’s my year summed up.

So I guess there is no harm in telling you my failed 2020 travel plans now.

I’m unbelievably grateful I managed to visit at least one foreign country this year thanks to my unexpected trip to Egypt this February. These might be the only travel pieces I published this year so let’s savor them:

I have this scratch-off map of the world and I was about to scratch it so hard this year. Ok maybe not THAT much, as I was planning to visit some states I already been to, so no more scratching but still. My quest to travel the whole of Europe is getting close to finished, even when it’s postponed right now.

I was just on a bus from the airport from my Egypt vacation as me and my friend were already looking for a new destination to visit. We found this beautiful trip to Italy for like 10$ in March and we were so gonna book it on the spot.

But I was like let me check my work schedule if I’m not working that weekend and get back to you.

Well, thank God we didn’t’ get back to it.

I love Italy from the bottom of my heart and I’ve been visiting it like every year for the last couple of years but I guess I’ll have to go this year without Italy.

March was supposed to be my few-years-into-making dream come true.

I was about to finally visit Switzerland, that’s so close and yet so far for me.

Each time I make plans to visit Switzerland something goes wrong. Mostly a travel buddy canceled our trip so this time I was gonna go alone. Well as alone as you can be with a travel agency and a bus full of people.

I found this group trip to Switzerland’s Geneva Motor Show I had booked. I’m not interested in cars show-off in the slightest, but this was the cheapest bus ride with the best time schedule I could find.

Switzerland is my personal Everest at this point and I’m gonna be so freaking excited once I do visit for real.

Northern parts of Europe are next on my to-do list.

I was gonna go to Sweden and Denmark in either April or October so let’s hope the October date is still up to consideration even if I honestly doubt it.

I found this super interesting trip in the footsteps of Hamlet’s storyline, meaning we would visit the places where the famous Shakespearean play takes place. This trip interested me months ago and I was just looking for the right literature travel buddy to enjoy it with me.

Barcelona, Milano, and Stockholm had super cheap flight tickets way before corona happened.

I was checking out the hotels and places to see there daily and sending it out to different friends. So many useless screenshots on my phone now.

The best apps to look for travel trips are Skyscanner and Momondo.

That’s where I’m finding my cool trips besides travel agencies through some discount portal.

I was gonna spend a weekend in Frances Monaco this summer and I was so hyped about that one.

Me and my coworker made a brief plan to visit Berlin this May that’s not gonna happen either.

June was for Belgium.

Summer 2020 looked out to be pretty cool and I was about to visit my grandmum in America again. She’s currently working in New Jersey, close to where I grew up. I tried to convince my sisters to visit America with me but that was pretty useless from the start, as they lack the explorer gene I guess.

As I was checking for last-minute plane tickets for my grandmum, I also checked some for myself for the summer. Getting long-distance tickets in a couple of months in advance is much much cheaper. I never made such a far trip on my own so I was looking forward to that.

I always stayed on the east side of America so this time I wanted to explore it further. A couple of days in NJ and then off I go to seek the great unknown.

My grandmum flew to America like 5 days before the borders closed, so at least I didn’t spend that much time planing my American trips cuz I knew right away it’s not gonna happen in 2020.

On the other hand, I’m lucky enough to be locked down in Prague and there is always a sight to see in Prague.

Major tourist attraction seems so different without the tons of tourists and crowds blocking the view.

That’s everything I had planned for 2020. God knows what unplanned adventures 2020 held out for me just like my winter summer vacation in Egypt.

Not that it matters anyway now. It’s all a beautiful What If that slipped right through my fingers when the world went to shit.

At least we are safe at home daydreaming about all the places we would have gone to.


  1. April 23, 2020 / 4:37 pm

    Today the virus has changed our lives. The uncertainty of how things are going to be later does not allow us to make any plans. We do not know how airports will work in each of the countries because each one will impose its rules. We do not know how tourism will work because there will be places where tourists will not be allowed. In short, there is nothing left to do but wait and I regret that your trips have stopped. Maybe later you can do it.
    Very good article.

  2. April 23, 2020 / 10:35 pm

    Despite the present conditions I still believe that this year for Vision, God is still in control.

  3. April 23, 2020 / 10:41 pm

    April was supposed to be my first not at home vacation since 2014. 🙁 Now I’m just watching my savings disappear and wondering why I didn’t do these things sooner.

    Fingers crossed we’ll all hit our trips and our goals even if we wind up collectively looking back at 2020 as the lost year.

  4. May 17, 2020 / 1:36 am

    As the economy worldwide is headed for a severe downturn, many people are considering the value of traveling closer to home. Other than Prague where I believe you live, what other locations in your country most interest you for future travel?

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