I just love people in isolation trying to make the best out of a crappy situation. The latest viral trend got to be dalgona whipped coffee for sure. It’s all around tick tok cuz it’s creative, easy, and looks good and all-around Instagram cuz it’s just the most instagrammable coffee ever.

Dalgona Whipped Coffee is a new trend just like banana bread before.

Let’s presume everyone here knows and had banana bread in their lifetime because why not.

It’s the ultimate white people comfort food that makes you feel like you have your shit together.

Banana bread is healthy cuz the main ingredient is bananas, no matter the amount of sugar or chocolate you add to the mixture.

It’s all dietary preferences or limitations friendly as you can alter literally every ingredient in the recipe except the bananas.

Banana bread makes you feel eco-friendly cuz you’re using up ripped bananas you’d otherwise throw away.

There is something about a worldwide crisis that makes people want to bake banana bread.

It’s me. I’m one of the people. Banana bread was the first thing I baked when all of this COVID-19 shit went downhill. And now I’m making whipped coffee cuz that’s how it is now apparently.

It’s super easy and takes just 4 ingredients everyone has.

It’s not like those super easy DIY chef recipes that require “basic pantry ingredients” like Madagascar vanilla bean. Please for the love of God tell me who stocks up on super expensive vanilla beans cuz I’d really want to know. Not once in my life have I used vanilla bean but I’m sure it’s awesome. I’m just not adulty enough to use vanilla beans in my recipes yet.

Dalgona whipped coffee requires:

  • Instant coffee of your choice
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Milk of your choice

You’ll also need:

  • Scoop or spoon
  • Coffee cup or glass
  • Bowl or cup where you’re gonna do the whipping
  • Something to whip it with

There are many different tutorials on how to make a dalgona whipped coffee on the internet, but they are all pretty much the same, only the aesthetics differ.

Dalgona whipped coffee recipe:

Take 2 scoops or spoons or any other form of measurement tool of your preferred instant coffee. I was using jacobs velvet instant coffee for example. Then take 2 same measurement units of sugar. My choice was the plain white sugar but it works with whatever type. Lastly, take 2 same measurement units of water. Some recipes state cold and some luke warm water so I went with lukewarm water and it worked.

Now whip.

It’s gonna be much easier and quicker if you use a hand mixer or a whisk. My weapon of choice was a plain fork and it took me like 10 minutes of intense whipping to create the desired effect. It was long 10 minutes and the whole time I kept thinking “I hope it’s gonna be worth it”.

Spoilers alert: It was.

Make your whip as thick as possible.

Truth be told I was so skeptical at first. I really doubted I could make a whipped creamy substance just out of a coffee powder and water but I did and it was incredible.

Once you’re satisfied with the thickness of your whipped coffee take a glass or cup and add your milk of choice. My fridge offered just whole milk for the day but I’m so gonna make it with coconut or almond milk next.

Optional: Add ice to make a fancy ice coffee.

Arranging might get tricky as the whipped coffee is really thick and therefore quite hard to maneuver but with a bit of patience, you’re gonna dump it all at the top of your milk.

And voila you made your Dalgona whipped coffee from the scratch.

Even if you suck at arranging there is no way you can’t make this coffee aesthetically pleasing.


So you have your 2 phased coffee, you took your photos and now it’s time to mix it up and drink it up.

We already established it looks great but how does it taste?

Really great.

Mixing cold milk and cold whip was not that nice though. It created lumps and it looked unappealing, which is something no one is gonna admit on Instagram. It took a while to mix those two phases properly.

My first sip resulted in me drinking it up all at once. I don’t know if it was all of the effort I poured into this cup of coffee, or it was really that good of a coffee.

It tasted like a really creamy rich latte. Some argue it tastes like frappe but it’s not quite right in my opinion. It misses the frappe texture.

One thing is sure though.

Dalgona whipped coffee satisfies your fancy coffee cravings.

It’s been weeks since I overpaid for coffee and this is the great, cheap, and creative way to have my dose of coffee shop like coffee.

I hate most of the ISO challenges but this one is golden.

Dalgona whipped coffee is 10/10.


  1. April 15, 2020 / 7:39 pm

    LOL I saw Shawn Dawson try to make this on YouTube or Instagram I can’t remember. Everyone is getting creative!

  2. April 15, 2020 / 9:01 pm

    I bake banana muffins with lots of vanilla and a touch of peanut butter, super (comfort) food ‚Ķ ūüėČ

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