Netflix is currently streaming a show titled Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak and you just couldn’t make this shit up. As the world is descending into great chaos over an outbreak of new coronavirus, Netflix offers an explanation of sorts. Pandemic on Netflix is a documentary series and no, the show is not about the COVID-19, c’mon that would be a way too dystopian. It’s super informative and fitting for these crucial times.

Pandemic is just 6 episodes long and has a super interesting way of storytelling for a documentary.

The show portrays the life of people fighting the front lines during epidemics. It shows us how viruses emerge, spreads and the hard work scientists do to maintain them. Pandemic also shows how the general population,¬† more precisely people with opinions instead of facts, makes scientists and doctors work unnecessarily hard. Yes, the show deals with anti-vaxxers. This show also introduces us to good people trying to find a universal vaccine. Pandemic shows us overcrowded hospitals. Overworked doctors. Medical workers risking their lives to save yours. Budget cuts. Importance of founds and most importantly, how well prepared/or not are we for the next pandemic, that’s ironically already here.

I’m pretty sure it would not be as interesting with different timing.

Show about pandemic during a pandemic.

I bet a word suspicious crossed your mind by now, but yes it’s all just a coincidence. Scientists have been warning about the next big virus outbreak for years. So no, don’t be ridiculous, no one created the virus killing thousands to promote the Netflix show. I love a good conspiracy theory but C’mon. Don’t be a dick.

What was unexpected for me, was the appearance of the anti-vaxxers. But it was so crucial to make a viewer realize what the choice to refuse immunization is actually causing. As a medical worker myself, it’s so frustrating trying to explain the importance of vaccination to a layman with a lot of opinion and loudmouth.

The overlap of a legislator and these bio mums was perfectly made. Every argument anti-vaxxers presented was immediately negated with scientific facts, yet it didn’t feel like a win at all.

It’s mindblowing, heartbreaking and so incredibly frustrating that people actually think like that.

In episode 2 we are introduced to an anti-vaxxer mum and her many unvaccinated kids, and it made so many people angry. I understand. Trust me. But I made myself watch through it.

I tried to take a look at the issue from her point of view and it made a scary sense.

When you don’t have a proper education and most of what you do know is misinformation, it’s completely natural you would do anything you know to protect your kids. And you have all the right to endanger your kid however you seem fit. Sadly, you do have a choice not to vaccinate them. You have a choice to heal them with as many essential oils as you seem fit. So face the consequences of your choice, like for example, a state disallowing you from endangering other kids who for specific reasons can’t have vaccination and are dependent on herd immunity.

If crystals, oils, chakras, energy, meditation, fasting, breatharianism, or any other alternative form helped you through your medical condition that’s awesome. Good for YOU.

My point is, we all act like creating a vaccination for coronavirus is gonna save us all. Well that’s not gonna happen whilst there are people who

a) can’t afford vaccination

b) refuse vaccination because of their beliefs

In 2020 coronavirus is not the only threat we’re facing. There’s an outbreak in already preventable diseases because of a decrease in vaccination. Diseases such as measles, pertussis, or even ebola. We should be more alert because of those.

You see the panic corona is causing right?

Supermarket shelves are empty, people ate stockpiling, racistic attacks are increasing. Imagine that with every infectious disease we’re currently capable of preventing but just don’t want to.

COVID-19 is a bigger threat to consumerism than actual lives.

But let’s get back to the topic. Pandemic on Netflix covers that issue as well and I’m very grateful for that.

Many disapprove of the show because of the, and I quote: “lack of science”.

I disagree. I would say the amount of scientific language they used was proportional to a regular Netflix viewer. You can’t expect them to use a postgraduate level of science at a platform that also streams Glee.

Pandemic is more about real-life experience cuz that speaks to people more than science ever could. Doctors dealing with infected patients. Previous pandemics. Facts.

As mandatory quarantines are all around Europe, I would recommend using this time and check out Netflix’s Pandemic during these fitting times. It offers a little bit of clarity in these confusing and exaggerated days



  1. March 8, 2020 / 4:46 pm

    Yeah classic oh shit we can milk this some more move….good for raising awareness though I agree but I know majority only did it and do it for the money.

    Have you heard? Sanitizer stocks are skyrocketing, better invest quick.

  2. March 8, 2020 / 8:10 pm

    I often think anti-vaccination people should go test their immune system that they think protects them against Polio and the like. Afghanistan is a good location sadly for that.

  3. March 9, 2020 / 4:20 am

    My supervisor recommended this series to me! Compelling, makes me want to play the board game too

  4. March 24, 2020 / 8:38 pm

    Being an anti-vaxxer is just as foolish as NOT worrying about the product-safety issue attached to certain vaccines, which are, after all, consumer products injected under our (and our babies’!) skin. Heavy metal (mercury-based!) adjuvants are incredibly toxic. We owe it to ourselves to become well-read on the topics we argue about… we must never parrot corporate talking points when the Public (and private) Health is at stake. What we want (and deserve) are Clean, Safe, Carefully-tested vaccines. And we won’t get them by being docile/trusting. Being properly careful with consumer health eats a bit into THEIR profit margins but, oh well. Our Health is supposedly their primary concern, no?

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