Audiobooks are my newest obsession and I’m pleased to announce my great collaboration with Audiobooks now.

If you never before fell into the audiobooks charm I’m honored to introduce you to this novelty. It brings the joy of books without the sort of weariness that is reading.

Not that there is anything wrong with reading. Hell, I’ve spent countless sleepless nights with good reading. But I’m sure my fellow tired friends must admit that eyes do get tired the most and the attention slowly fades over time.

Audiobooks, on the other hand, allows you to be more productive.

Well if you’re capable of doing several things simultaneously like a true woman. You can listen to an audiobook and live the story while cooking, doing chores, traveling, or literally anything. So many opportunities.

Audiobooks bring me to my childhood when I would listen to children’s stories from a CD player or my parents or grandmum would read some fairytales to me. To get into that half asleep half awake moment, when all you focus is on the story and nothing seems real anymore. That strange moment of solitude only a good story can bring.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt audiobooksnow

Why Audiobooks now?

Audiobooksnow is a platform that allows you to enjoy the audiobooks experience to the fullest.

Just like a physical book, you have to pay for audiobooks as well. But with the app, you save so much money.

You can get the books for a cheaper price and if you want to save even more you might join their Club Plan. All of the pros and cons of their plans are listed on their website and are very clear to understand.

If you’re not sure if you’ll like audiobooks you can try it now for free.

June is the audiobook month and audiobooksnow is giving out 3 months of Club Pricing Free!

How Club Pricing Works

Check Symbol50% off your first audiobook each month
Check SymbolDeep discounts on everything else you purchase
Check Symbol50% discounts roll over to the next month
Check SymbolAccess to exclusive discounts and offers
Check SymbolNo commitments, cancel anytime

This is in consideration of the books you can buy for cheaper than their regular No plan price.

BUT. Audiobooksnow offers many free books for the public to enjoy without any obligations. All you have to do is download the audiobooksnow app that’s free and you can get it on the apple store just as on google play.

Check out this page to get the free app.

Simple to install, create an account with the name and email address, and up you go to listening.

I’m so obsessed with their classic books section. There are so many classic novels I long to read but never have time. Right now as I’m typing this down I’m listening to Dante Alighieri Divine comedy on my new audiobooksnow app. It plays with the tab closed and that’s the dream.

I can scroll down my Instagram feed while listening to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I can keep blogging while listening to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt audiobooksnow

The audio plays on from where you left off so you’ll never miss anything. Usually divided by chapters. You can choose to stream the book online or download and play it without an internet connection. If you by any chance missed something you can rewind by a few seconds or fast forward a few seconds. You can even choose the “sleep” option as to when the app should close in case you fall asleep and set it up to like 15-120 minutes of playing.

The narrative is so calming and I must say a bit British which is just perfect.

You can search for any book you wish for. The selection is divided by genres for easier navigation. Or you can filtrate the new books, best sellers, award-winning books and many more. Many books are under the sale and we all love a good sale.


You have nothing to lose.

Highly recommending Audiobooks now and their high-level audiobooks experience.

Get the app Audiobooksnow now.



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  1. August 30, 2019 / 8:29 pm

    Hey Natalia ! How are you today ? That’s a cool collab , honestly I’m more into podcasts lately that contains the highlights of books and the author’s insights plus personal story . Now when it comes to books I also love Wattpad .Now, for audiobooks I LOVE Youtube and Librivox ;but I will definitely check out Audiobooks now ^^ .Thanks for this discovery 🙂 Have a beautiful day <3

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