Long expected tv show Good Omens is here and even though the expectations for the show were so high, the reality was just omg. So far I haven’t come across any other opinion that is either great love or pure hate.

Let’s dig into it.

Here is why I think Good Omens is so awesome:

First of all, this whole show is based on the novel by no other than my favorite Neil Gaiman. I’ve shared my obsession with Neil Gaiman’s other novel American gods and I talked more about the show in these articles :

Why should you watch American Gods


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American gods book has a small cameo in Good Omens show. We can see this soldier reading the book by the end of the show.

No surprise that I’m taken by another Gaiman’s book. He’s just an author that fits me right. The writing style and the topic he’s writing about are just to my liking. The God theme is hovering over most of his work and I’m stunned by his view of religion and the way he’s able to portray it into 21 century.

The brain of Neil Gaiman is too much at times and I’m not ashamed to admit I had to rewind some of the parts just to absorb the meaning and understand his masterpiece properly.

I admire how Gaiman portrays gods with human features and this way making them so real and approachable.

Second of all of why is this show so awesome is David Tennant. The national treasure. I would watch hours of footage of David Tennant just going on with his life and I would still be mesmerized by him. Every character he ever portrayed is the one I remember the most from the show.  I feel like I’m referring to the show as “that one where Tennant played that and that character“. In Good Omens it was no different.

David here portrays the role of a devil from the beginning of time. He’s the snake in the Garden of Eden.

Spoilers ahead!

He’s the one bringing the antichrist and oversees his uprising alongside with his angel best friend from the beginnings of times named Aziraphale. Michael Sheen is portraying the role of Aziraphale and his duo dynamic with Tennant is unbelievable. It’s so hard to explain what a great fit those two are but trust me it’s perfect.

We get to see an unlikely relationship develops between an angel and a devil and see them work together in order to stop the Armageddon.

Heaven and Hell are seeking the final battle without thinking of the consequences it would have on humanity.

There are spectacular Christian features. Simple heaven and hell concept, images from the Bible mostly old testimony, the crucifixion, the apocalypse of John- The Book of Revelation, the four horsemen, and many more.

This, in particular, is why the show is getting so much hate. Hardcore Christians don’t like the way their teachings are portraying in here. Being Christian myself and having a great interest in the Bible interpretations I can’t seem to find anything offensive here.

  • Is it offensive that God is a woman and God’s narrator voice is also female?
  • Maybe people hating on the show can’t comprehend the idea that God allows the suffering and is not answering the prayers?
  • What’s wrong with Adam and Eve being black?
  • Heavenly creatures seeking war?
  • Devil doing good deeds?

I honestly liked the little adjustments such as changing one of the horseman pestilences into pollution to emphasize the horror of our gross pollution and the importance of climate changes.

People complain that the show is too political.

And that’s just ridiculous and stupid.

Good Omens has a great compelling plot. The show is just 6 episodes long and you just have to know what happens next. Many interesting dialogues and monologues. The casting is phenomenal just as the whole acting. There are many kid actors and they are phenomenal with a bright future ahead of them. The sound effects and music omg. The Queen playing at every possible occasion and it’s just perfect. The whole production is spectacular and I’m still blown away by what I just witnessed.

Good Omens is awesome and you should watch it.

I’m gonna leave you with one quote I believe reflects the theme of the show ideally:




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    June 8, 2019 / 7:30 pm

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  3. August 19, 2019 / 9:32 pm

    Let’s not forget Terry Pratchett, who co-wrote the novel and to whom the series is dedicated, as he died of Alzheimer’s not too long ago. He had always wanted to see the novel brought to the screen and Gaiman wanted to make sure his wish was fulfilled. I feel sure he would have loved the series, which is one of the most perfect TV dramatisations I’ve ever seen.

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