Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion week 2019 is through so let’s look back at what was it all about. MBPFW is the biggest and only major fashion even in Prague and it’s highly expected each year. This time it held a place in the garage, which made each design pop out of the place only adds to its uniqueness.


If you’re expecting to roll out famous designers’ names you might not be fully satisfied as the show was created by Czech and Slovak designers mostly. Names like VANDA JANDA, MIRO SABO, JAN CERNY, LUKAS KRNAC OR DOMINIKA KOZAKOVA might not say much to you.

Most of the designers played it safe in my humble opinion – not a bad thing though. Natural, down to earth color schemes, elegant, classy designs reflected simple everyday use fashion. That’s what you expect to see on a fashion show in general.

For a full experience of the MBPFW gallery head over to the official page HERE.

What I was expected to see at MBPFW came true with the DOMINIKA KOZAKOVAS fashion show.

Colorful extravagance with laid back models obviously enjoying the hell out of the show. Big thumbs up Dominika for reviving an otherwise plain fashion show.

When I look back now I realized I don’t remember much of the other designs, but this one by Dominika Kozakova is definitely stuck in my mind.

She had the guts to stand out and it played off. Also kudos for the great representation variety of models she chooses.

That one is definitely my favorite show of the week alongside with LUKAS KRNAC show which could be described as a village funk.

One common both of these shows had is my favorite ALEX WORTEX.


Alex is a Slovak celebrity. I’m sure you don’t know much about Slovakia but the general stereotype is that it’s a small Christian, conservative country in the middle of Europe. You have no idea just how right that is.

Slovakia is like 50 years behind with the racism, fascism, sexism, corruption and backward thinking is laughable.

And here comes Alex Wortex.

A single woman openly talking about female sexuality and masturbation. She’s not shaving herself and her hairy vagina is one the local news like every other day cuz apparently that’s the deadliest sin of all. She’s vitarian and she shares her forward life ideas on Instagram and gets unbelievable hate for doing so.

Alex shares “controversial” photos of her hairy armpits and colorful fashion outfits on her Instagram feed alongside with funny, often sexually charged sketches.

If you live anywhere besides Slovakia you might be a bit confused like “what is wrong with that?

Normal evolved 2019 brain would naturally say it’s totally up to the individual to present themself on the internet anyhow they please – as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

But this is Slovakia and hairy lady legs will bring you fame and offense.

Blogerka Alex Wortex šokovala na týdnu módy Fashion Week.

I don’t remember so many close-ups on someone’s vagina ever!

If any other abroad celebrity dressed up as Alex she would get praised for being so forward and original.

But Alex is getting prosecution threats.

Alex is incredibly smart and she can voice her opinions in very articulate ways I barely see so well written in my native language. It’s so refreshing. She’s truly the kindest spirit and you can see that in the way she deals with her daily hate comments with so much love and wishes of the enlightenment to her closed-minded haters.

Her controversialist nature and undeniable original fashion style she presents in everyday life brought her once again on a Prague fashion week as a show opener.

For the duration of MBPFW we’ve seen more of Alexe’s hair on the news than any other mention of MBPFW. Controversial Slovak model/influencer/blogger (the labeling truly varies and Alex herself laughs at that) in Prague – we must alert the church elders!

My mind truly buckles on the ridiculous responses to the woman being herself.

I totally recommend checking out Alex Wortex Instagram.

Unfortunately, she’s not translating herself to the English language but the visuals are also appealing. Or you can for once get to know what it’s like to need to translate everything a celebrity says.

Prague fashion week 2019 was definitely in the name of Alex Wortex and I am so in for it.

Already excited for next year.

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