For last Halloween, I created my own Marilyn Monroe make up look. More about that was said in my My Marilyn Monroe makeup look and let me tell you how to achieve the same result and what products to use.


Face: To get that perfect porcelain-like face as Marilyn had you’ll need to have quite a lot of items.
Marilyn was obsessed with moisturizers. She often used pure vaseline. Her mistake as the vaseline might hydrate smaller parts of your body for a short time – like a hardened skin of your heels, scars, or hangnail – but in long run, the application to a bigger portion of skin actually dehydrate the skin as it’s not able to breathe properly. So don’t do that.

First of all, you always have to remove the makeup right away, and don’t let it to morning you.

Stop willingly clogging your pores just because you’re lazy.

It doesn’t really matter if you prefer wipes, micellar water, or oil make-up remover – point is to remove all of the makeup and dust from your skin not for immediate result but for the future you.
You can choose some good ones from SallyBeauty, iHerb,YesStyle or Sephora.

Start with a fresh face and apply a moisturizer that’s compatible with your skin type. I for example have a combination and sensitive skin type meaning I can no longer apply just random drugstore moisturizer cream. Now I use only dermatological tested creams from a pharmacy as I had some severe allergic reaction to cheap ones. You can search for some at iHerb as they offer many quality medical creams or from SEPHORA. with a wider variety of products.

I am just 23 years old but I already use both night cream and eye cream.

It’s never too early to start caring for your face.

Even though the brand should not really matter, from personal experiences I prefer brands with a NAME. I would recommend CLINIQUE or SHISEIDO.

To perfect Marilyn’s face, I used a simple NARS foundation of the lightest shade for my skin. But you can use whatever foundation fits you the best. I believe Sephora offers the best variety of makeup foundations. Point is to cover all of your little imperfections.

If you don’t have perfect face contours as Marilyn does (no shame in that) you’ll need to help yourself with a little bit of makeup magic. For this purpose is ideal this double highlighting and contouring stick to contour your nose to appear thinner and to create that significant button-shaped tip of the nose.

Apply highlighter to the tip of your nose, cheekbones, chin, and right under your eyebrow arch.

Set all your work with quality powder like FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA or GIVENCHY.


Now as your prime face is ready let’s proceeded to important details. Shape Marilyn’s eyebrow ark a bit sharper and fuller than your own. Create that almost triangle-like shape and fill it up with ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS shadow or any other of your choice and brush it out evenly.

I used the same eyebrow pencil to draw significant Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark as a finishing touch of the whole look.

Her beauty mark is highly controversial as it often changed place but no one can really confirm that it’s been fake.

So don’t worry too much about painting it in the right spot. Even Marylin confused it sometimes.

Let’s focus on the eyes – Marilyn’s famous trick was to put mascara only on the outside half of her eyelashes. If your eyelashes are not naturally long and full then the false ones will do all the job for you. Use SEPHORA COLLECTION and cute them in half. For future references, I would recommend my DIY eyelash growth serum to give you that naturally deep look.

I used liquid eyeliner for easier application and I did a double cat eyeliner – one at the top and one at the bottom lemming my eyelashes tightly.

Important is to start your line from the middle of your eyes.

You want to create a little gap between those two lines to shape your eyes just like hers. Doing perfect cat eyes. I have the best experiences with liquid ones like KAT VON D but if you’re better with gel or pencil – you do you.

A little trick I used was simple brown eyeshadow. No sparkles. Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette would do. Do a little curve lemming the outlines of your eyeball to define your eyes and blend it completely. Let it be visible only when you close your eyes.

At last but not least let’s do the lips. Marilyn and her stylists spend the most time on her lips.

You might think what’s so complicated on simple red lips?

But the truth is Marilyn never used just one red color. It took a combination of shades and brands to create perfection. Darker, lighter, gloss, and lip liner is all you’ll need to create Monroe’s significant lips. For better application and perfect details, it’s better to use lip brushes.

First of all draw your lip shape with a red lip liner URBAN DECAY make it full and sharp. Don’t worry about redefining your natural lips.

On the outside, I used darker shade- not particularly dark but not as bright as in the middle of my lips. I personally used matt liquid lipsticks. For darker shade GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY– and for lighter LANCÔME. I bet you don’t see the difference but it really shows on the lips. I tried it with many colors myself until I was fully satisfied. To create that fuller dimension use simple transparent lip gloss on the center of your lips – TOO FACED lip injection would do. Or you can use a simple white eye pencil  MARC JACOBS BEAUTYto create that bounce.

All that’s left are five drops of CHANELN°5 Parfum and you’re set.


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    Charlee: “Hmm, I’m not sure we could pull this look off.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe if we said we were going for Marilyn Monroe in a tuxedo … ?”

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