Hey. Another one of many fashion websites I collaborate with is ROMWE. I remember clicking on their site as a result of long-time searching for websites that provides blogger program I would be able to apply for. Romwe and Shein were two of my first sites I applied for myself and wasn’t just contacted by them at first. Application is very simple and I’m gonna talk about how you can apply too later on.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been collaborating with romwe but they still upload new and new clothes every day so there is just no chance I would suddenly have nothing to post.

What do I do for romwe?

What I do is simple. I search their site for stuff I and my followers would like, download their photos, upload them on my Tumblr with a short comment and link where my followers can find each item + specific track code. Romwe uses this tracking code to check how many new visitors or customers did I bring to their site. Sometimes Tumblr has a problem with uploading such a long link so it’s easier for me to shorten the link through google links shortener. The bonus is that I can also see how many clicks that link got and what time or state each visit was from.

This is how my post usually looks like:


I prefer collages with 9 items as it looks aesthetically pleasing and it contains 9 potential clicks. I add a short description with links:


If someone clicks on any of those links it will lead them to romwe page where they could purchase the item they like.
Romwe has a great variety of fashionable clothes and as I mentioned they upload them daily my favorite category is “daily new“.


They always have some sort of sale or clearance so it’s smart to check it out once in a while.

That way you can save so much money.


My beginnings

At first, when I applied I was in some sort of trial period. I was supposed to do one college of my fave items from romwe and post it on my Tumblr. Depending on my results Romwe would contact me if I’m in or not.
I got a reply after a very short time ( I think it was 1-2 days) saying they are very satisfied and I’m in.

This is where my journey begins.

I got to choose my first item from them for free. I remember searching the site for hours to find the perfect item for me.

I choose a light pink summer dress. Send them a link to the dress and size I wanted through the mail with my shipping address and that was all. They replied to me with my order number so I could track where my order was at each moment. I got my package around 2-3 weeks since I send the mail.

What I was supposed to do was try dresses on, take some photos and share with my followers what I think about it.

Here is the link to my first ever review I wrote for romwe: HERE

When I finished writing a review I send it to romwe and they told me to pick another item for review. And this went on for months but the number of items I was supposed to pick kept getting higher. Usually, I picked 6-8 items for free from romwe monthly. When I finished all reviews I picked another 8. So you can imagine that most of my wardrobe is made out of romwe clothes.

Romwe products

Since I got so many items I can tell you about their product honest review.

It’s very important to check their measurements carefully – you can find them on every product page. Check the cm or inch not the S, M, L. I’m not the thinnest, I usually wear size L and from romwe I order from M-XXL sizes due to measurements.

But not all of the items I got fit well. Usually, I got smaller sizes = even when the label said XL. Now my sister is wearing it and she’s the usual size S. It’s better to get slightly bigger sizes than you usually wear. Or if you have younger smaller siblings like I do they can always wear what doesn’t fit you well.

Clothes are usually good quality material, occasionally I got an item with sticking fibers or not big enough holes for the button. Once I got a necklace and it came broken – one crystal was fallen.

But again we’re talking about a great number of clothes I got – been working with them for years and I choose items monthly so it’s understandable I would stumble on some damaged goods too.

I will talk about each item I got with detailed reviews on here in time.

Discount codes

Another great thing about working with romwe is discounts.

A few years back I got a code for 60% off for my followers. Now I got similar code 20775-Natalia. You can use this code to get 60% off when your order is over 59$! what is amazing and you can save so much money. I would use it myself but I get free clothes from romwe anyway.

Update: This code 20775-Natalia is no longer available but don’t worry I’ve got a new one for you. If you use my code Natalia you’ll get 5$ off 69$+ orders from romwe.

Romwe has very reasonable prices for good quality clothes and they even offer free shipping or many interesting discounts depending on the current promotion. Plus with the sales, they offer it’s like it’s for free. They provide a great number of items so whatever you’re looking for I’m sure you can find it there. You can filter items by sizes, color, material, or pattern. It is really easy to shop.

Give away

Yet another great bonus of working with romwe is giveaways.

Over the years romwe provided me with so much money to give to my followers.

How it worked:

I was hosting the giveaway on my Tumblr- I made the banner and short description of how to join the giveaway. Usually, the rules were to reblog the post, follow my blog, and register on romwe site. I was choosing the winner through email my followers used in registration to romwe page. The winner would get 50$ to spend on romwe store or once I was hosting a swimwear giveaway where the winner got to choose swimwear of their choice. Here are few giveaways I was hosting:

You can read about my giveaways HERE

I had a great time hosting them and it was great for all participated sites. I got to earn more followers, my followers got to win money or free clothes and romwe got new potential customers.


Communication with romwe is very pleasing. They are always so nice to me I feel like talking to someone I have known for so long and not someone I have never seen before.

They are always professional and helpful.

They listen to my ideas of how to gain more traffic – a few of the giveaways were my idea and they were so kind as to provide free stuff for my followers. I send them every review I post and they always read it and respond if it came small they apologize for the inconvenience or appreciate it if they liked some of my reviews.

Recently I changed programs – now I work on a sales program meaning if someone makes a sale from my Tumblr I get some commission from that purchase.

How can you join?

Open Romwe page, scroll down until you see this:


You’ll find descriptions on how to join if you open the links.

I prefer the fashion blog program as I’ve been working on it for years (but maybe you’ll like the affiliate program more) when you open it you’ll see this:

As you can see requirements for a fashion blog on Tumblr (or any other social media ) are 5000 followers.

If you don’t have that much yet feel free to check my article about how to prosper your blog.

After you click the I agree button you’ll have to fill up a simple application form like this:

Later romwe will contact you via email with more details and you’ll start working for them.

Good luck.

I hope this article was helpful for any of you who would love to start working on your own fashion blog.

For me (and I’m sure for you too) romwe is a great choice. Go for it.

Thank you for your attention.
xo Natalia


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