After a short week at Highland Park, we headed to Avon to my father’s ex-boss place. We had no idea where we’re going or what to expect. I met Frank the summer before when he was visiting Slovakia and we had a great time as I was one of the few people to speak English. He invited us to his place but we had no idea how it would look like.

We knew he was quite rich and work with houses all over the states but the reality blew us away anyway.

The house we were staying in was incredible. It was huge. Four floors, terrace, garden house, barbecue outside and we all got our own room to sleep with bathroom. They had this amazing big kitchen. Everything was decorated so perfectly we felt at home for the whole month we were staying there. It was right next to the beach –  we just had to cross one road and we were there. Right next to the house was the town pool. I had an amazing view from my room window as you can check at the photos below.

As town residents, we had free access to the beach and pool if we wore the badgers our hosts gave us.

For other people it was 9$ for the beach and they couldn’t visit the pool. Our host had a few extra badges so even when our grandmother came to visit she got a badge too.

Out holidays there looked like this:
We tried to go for a morning run every morning but it lasted us only like a week. Then we got too lazy and rather stay sleeping longer. But even the week we run felt great – running on the beach with just headphones in, empty beach, sand underneath your toes, sun rising and only people there are other runners. I was very surprised by how many people were sporting there every morning and how many old people were sporting too! It was so cute. You could never see that in my country.

After the morning run, we took shower and had breakfast.

American cereals are just amazing. Now I know why there’s such fuss about Capitan crunch or Lucky charms. We tried many other famous American foods.

Then we headed to the beach and stayed there till evening.

We just had a short break to get lunch at home as it was just 2 min from the beach. We also used to switch to the pool sometimes.

Avon beaches are lovely, clean, white sand and very hot lifeguards.

Over the week there were very few people so it felt cozier than over the weekend when it was overcrowded. The ocean was not very good for swimming like I’m used to at Croatian or Italian sea, big waves but beautiful anyway.
We were in America in a time when the Pokemon Go app when out and everyone was out catching pokemon. We spend a lot of time just walking around Avon and surrounding towns and catching them all. We met many funny people with their phones up just as us catching them too.

In the evening we cleaned ourselves up and got ready for dinner.

Our lovely hosts took us every night to some nice place for dinner where we spend a great time eating and talking. It was great for our English language practice cuz as we were always together with my cousins we talked in Slovak only, but this way we were pushed to speak English.

Our hosts were the best and most generous people I have ever met.

They were like our American grandparents as we liked to call them. They show us many incredible places, we tried a lot of typical American food because of them. They took us to American cinema with leather seats and adjustable seating, drinks and popcorn what was something so new to us! Took us to Broadway shows and paid for all of our trips. They introduce us to their friends and family so we felt welcomed and included. Their nephew took us to New York and Philadelphia for a day trip. They took us to Washington DC for a weekend and to Wild Wood for a short getaway.

Lady of the house Sue took us to a manicure and pedicure what we never had and it was incredible!

The people there were so lovely and talkative. We had a great time. She took us shopping so many times. Even though we were all 20 and not legally allowed to drink in America, we always managed to get some drinks with our hosts and enjoyed our stay at their place. It was the summer of our life because of those people and I will always be grateful for that.

It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to those people.

I will always think about them as a family after everything they did for us. They even send us Christmas gifts! Hope they’ll come to visit us soon and we could repay their generosity a bit.
Avon is a lovely small town for rich people with an amazing neighborhood.

I loved it there.

We went from Avon by the sea to the South river to my grandmother’s place.

You can read about our other adventures in the next article.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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