Hey. Another of my newest addition to my collaboration list of fashion websites is Heyahey. 
The best description of this store could be found on their page.

My beginnings:

I was contacted by the store on my Tumblr messages with the opportunity to collaborate with them on a fashion blogger program. I offered them my email address and further communication occurred there. They asked me to design my discount code. I choose my usual discount code ” renegade” so it’s easier for my followers to get discounts on every site I collaborate with the same discount word.
The difference from my other stores is that from the usual 10% discount from other stores, heyahey offers 5% discount for my followers.
I as an affiliate would get 5% off their order sent to my Paypal account.

What do I do?

I search heyaheys store for my favorite items and share them on my Tumblr blog with my followers. If they click the link I add to the description it would lead them to the product page, where they could purchase the item. If they use my code “renegade” in check out, they would get 5% off their order.
This is how my posts look like:

How can you join?

Even though heyahey doesn’t have an official affiliate page on their store page yet, but if you’ll be interested in collaborating with them, you could send them an email at heyahey@gmail.com. Communication with them is so smooth and easy. Good luck
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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