Hey. Another cute fashion store I collaborate with on my Tumblr account is Youvimi. They are one of the cutest shops I’ve ever get to know. Their style is Harajuku, lolita, orbit gothic- all based on japan like style you can see in anime. That is the main reason I accepted their offer for collaboration in the first place as the style of their shop reminds me of my old blog style and times when watching anime was my daily routine.


I’ve been contacted by youvimi store some time ago on my Tumblr, send them my email address and the rest of the communication occurred there. They asked me to choose the name for my discount code which my followers would use to get a discount. As I was designing codes before and I already set for “renegade” decision was simple. I wanted my followers to have the same code name in every shop I work with. It’s easier to remember and more practical.

How does it works?

I have my own discount code with the name “renegade” registered in their store. If whoever uses this code in check out and add it to discount codes colon they would get 10% off their order. I would get 10% off their order sent to my PayPal account. Yuovimi gave me a choice if I wanted to get paid after every order or after more sales gathered. Payment differs for me- sometimes I get paid after more and sometimes just after one. Another bonus is that after every 5 sales I made for their store I get to choose one item from youvimi and they would send it to me for free. All I have to do is share a review of the item.

What do i do?

I search their page for cute items I and my followers would like, download the product photos and share them on my blog. In the description of each post, I share the product link and add my discount code. My posts look like this:
If my followers click the product description link it would take them directly to the product page. Youvimi doesn’t track how many viewers you bring to them only important things are sales and discount codes. Once in a while, I would message them asking if there were any new sales made by my discount code and they would respond to me usually very soon with my results.

Youvimi workers are just as sweet as their shop. They are always so nice to me and even when I make no sale they encourage me to keep up with my good work.


A great bonus of every purchase is that if you share your new item on social media with a specific hashtag you would get a great discount on your next order. Also you can see all of the satisfied customers.
They also share many sales, Christmas discounts, or giveaways. You just need to check their page once in a while for new updates or sign up to get new sales on your email. (at the bottom of their page). The current sale is a Christmas sale up to 50% off.

Their products are incredible to look at. The store page is easy to search in as items are divided into categories. I especially appreciate the photos of each item. It’s very professional and stylishly made so even if you know that sweatshirt can’t look that good in real life but the way how it’s photographed pressures you to get it anyway.

How to join?

Even when I mentioned I got messaged by youvimi on Tumblr nowadays is much easier to apply yourself as they set up an Affiliate program button on their front page with a detailed description on how to join. The only requirement is that you need to have an Instagram account.
here is how it looks like:

Click this link and learn how easy is to join.

I love working with youvimi cuz their photos look great on my Tumblr, which adds to my aesthetic and I make money doing so. It’s easy to work with them so if you’re into it just go for it. You won’t regret it. I’m certainly not.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia


  1. January 19, 2018 / 9:08 am

    omg thank you sweetie

  2. Isaac Buchi Okereke
    November 17, 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Great content from you Natalia. I love your blog and the way you write!
    I will be contacting you soon, would like us to talk.

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